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What food service owners can learn from Super Bowl commercials

What food service owners can learn from Super Bowl commercials   Shockingly, not everyone watches the Super Bowl for the football. There are people who find their entertainment – no, not by halftime wardrobe malfunctions, Bruno Mars channeling Michael Jackson and James Brown or the past-middle-age belly of the Who’s Pete Townshend – in the commercials.   If you’re ready to up your game, consider taking a page or two from the Super Bowl .

In 2018 I will…

  In 2018 I will…   A whopping 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail within three months of January 1, according to the Huffington Post. There’s a lot of finger pointing when it comes to reasons why; biting off more than you can chew, unreasonable goals and lack of a plan are the biggest culprits.   For food industry owners and managers, the statistics aren’t much different, but the reasons why are unique. .

Is 2018 the year of the home meal service?

Is 2018 the year of the home meal service?   Hindsight is 20/20. The fantasy of many stock market investors is to know what they know now, travel back in time to initial stock offerings and get in early on stocks like Microsoft or Google.   What will the restaurant owners of 2018 wish they knew ahead of time? According to Food & Wine, it’s that home meal services are stealing restaurant’s market share. .

Are consumers dining out for Thanksgiving?

New National Restaurant Association research shows that one in 10 consumers plan to dine out for a Thanksgiving meal, and one in 20 will get a full takeout meal to celebrate the holiday. Consumers will also dine out while shopping on Black Friday.   What does that mean?  Well, it means that your cooking and warming equipment is probably working overtime!  We wanted to help with that so we not only have some sweet .

Starting a food truck business: Part two – scaling back to move forward

Starting a food truck business: Part two – scaling back to move forward Television shows like “The Great Food Truck Race” and movies like ”Chef,” Jon Favreau’s cinematic take on the food truck business, encourage potential food truck owners to drive their business toward success. In part one of our three-part series, 24/7 Restaurant Parts served up the financial reality of starting a food truck.  But never fear! If a premium food truck set-up .

Did somebody say remodel?

  Did somebody say remodel? You’ve been incubating this idea for months, maybe years: the great commercial kitchen remodel. Your kitchen staff has been asking for it, your front of house staff is dreading it and your banker has a smile on her face because she just made this month’s business loan goal because of you. Before you wrestle the remodel monster, read through the combined wisdom of all of us at 24/7 Restaurant .


WITH OVER 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, MVP GROUP IS A LEADING NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF COMMERCIAL FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT. Jet-Tech is one the brands under the MVP Group banner and 24/7 restaurant parts is proud to bring you availability on ALL the OEM parts you need for various dishwasher models such as:  727E, 737E, F-16DP, F-18DP   We’ve added just about every part you can think of, ready for shipment today!  We .

3 Traits You Need to Survive the Restaurant Industry

Team Player You know the old saying, ‘There is no ‘I’ in team?’ If you have not learned this lesson on the basketball court or during a group project in class, you will be forced to learn it when you are working in a restaurant. While you might have all of the energy and initiative to run the restaurant all by yourself, that does not mean you should do so. You need to be .

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Parts

Regardless of the kind of equipment you make use of in your restaurant, it has to be kept fully functional and ready for use whenever the restaurant is open for business. If your kitchen equipment isn’t working, or if it’s not performing optimally, you simply won’t be able to support the business of feeding hungry clientele at the rate you normally would. This being the case, it makes good sense to have a program .

Risk Prevention Feeding Customers with Food Allergies

All kitchens outside the home, including fast food restaurants, fine dining establishments, and even school or workplace cafeterias, have a responsibility to diners to ensure that all foods served are safe for consumption. Since most allergic reactions to food do take place outside the home, all restaurant managers and owners need to be especially cognizant of procedures for avoiding food allergy reactions. The Food Allergy Research and Education organization tells us that roughly 15 .