The heart of your business #FoodisLove

The heart of your business #FoodisLove


We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day and for many food service businesses, that means packed houses as couples express their love through food. There’s nothing wrong with equating hearts and adoration with increased revenue, but since 24/7 Restaurant Parts business is keeping your commercial kitchen running, we’d like to suggest that the heart of any food service business is its kitchen.


Think about it – if your commercial kitchen isn’t robust and pumping with good health, could the brains of your business (you and your staff) do what they do so well? Would the soul of your business (your customers) call weeks ahead of time to get a prime reservation on Valentine’s night?


We took a look at a few pages out of a high school anatomy textbook in order to give your kitchen a bit of a check-up.



What is your kitchen’s cholesterol? During busy times is the workflow smooth and easy or is it like a Three Stooges episode? During rest (slower times) is there still movement that ensures efficiency during activity (is staff cleaning and performing other maintenance duties)? A healthy heart needs clear arteries. What is clogging the circulation in your kitchen? It could be debris like empty boxes or equipment that should be in a different location. It could also be an employee who isn’t fully trained and is often in the way or someone who requires constant supervision in order to keep on task.



How much exercise is your kitchen getting? In this example, exercise could include maintenance of equipment (faulty valves or clogged arteries can be deadly to a heart), ongoing training of employees or review of operations. We know how busy you are and finding time for exercise isn’t easy for anyone, but when it comes to heart health, it’s mandatory.



Is you kitchen’s diet high in fat (literally and figuratively)?  Grease is the arch nemesis of almost every piece of equipment in your kitchen. Are you degreasing properly and reqularly? And how about your staff? Is the kitchen staff the right size? A staff audit can be as basic as considering each employee and what he or she does. Does someone have skills that are being overlooked? When was the last time you conducted reviews of longtime employees? It might be time to add some “good fat” to your heart’s diet. If you’re growing and your kitchen staff doesn’t have an official manager, consider how adding a staff position could actually increase revenue.



We saved this one for last because we know that food service is beyond stressful. There’s not much that reduces the stress of something like a mealtime rush accompanied by multiple no-calls, no-shows. Why do we stay in this crazy business? You know the answer (and it is almost Valentine’s Day): love. Yes, there’s someone each of us loves about the machine gun-pace, feeling like a tight-rope walker every Saturday night and the sense of accomplishment when everything goes right.


24/7 Restaurant Parts loves this business as much as you do and all of us are here for you when the heart of your business needs a check-up.