In 2018 I will…


In 2018 I will…


A whopping 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail within three months of January 1, according to the Huffington Post. There’s a lot of finger pointing when it comes to reasons why; biting off more than you can chew, unreasonable goals and lack of a plan are the biggest culprits.


For food industry owners and managers, the statistics aren’t much different, but the reasons why are unique. Food service employee turnover can be an unmanageable variable. And so far this year, Mother Nature hasn’t been too friendly to restaurants. Frozen pipes, winter storms and flooded (then frozen) streets are all forcing unscheduled closings.


24/7 Restaurant Parts is always here to help!  We’d like to offer the following tips for improving operations in 2018.


Get a handle on equipment repair costs

Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs. Sure, the [fill in the blank with your oldest piece of equipment] is working now, but flying by the seat of your pants only works so long. Maintenance technicians have seen it all. Their years of experience have turned each of them into a commercial kitchen Sherlock Holmes. Wouldn’t you rather have a conversation that allows you to choose if you’d like to avoid a breakdown during your St. Patrick’s Day rush vs. being third in line for an emergency visit? Regular maintenance visits are like a solid stock. There’s always a positive return.


Keep it clean

Peer training is how most food service businesses bring new staff up to speed. Over time, however, full information transfer may decrease. Hard and fast cleaning rules often translate to “We’re supposed to do X, but if it’s busy, just do Y and finish X at the end of the night.” The result can be the risk of a health department citation.  Schedule refresher training for all kitchen and serving staff. You’ll be surprised at the number of “When did we start doing that?” comments when you go through the list of long-time rules.


Appreciate my employees

There’s not an employee in the world that doesn’t want more money. But employees also want recognition, a work-life balance and the opportunity for advancement. These three things create the loyalty owners and managers need in order to reduce staffing headaches. Food service is a tough world. Consider what you can do to create a work environment that makes employees feel they are part of a winning team.


Connect with my customers

Oh, no, you’re saying. Enough with the “you should be on social media” garbage! We get it. You’re busy. Your hands are full. But food service businesses that invest the time in an updated website or start a Facebook page, an Instagram feed, etc. see positive results. Facts are facts, friends. Your customers want to be part of your world. It’s an opportunity begging you to take advantage of it.


Let’s jump into the deep end of 2018 and make a commitment to better managed costs, happier employees and customers who can’t wait to give you their money!