It’s clear why you should invest in a quality water filtration system


In an age where one bad review on Yelp can make or break a restaurant’s fate, nobody wants to own the restaurant with cloudy  (or, heaven forbid, brownish) ice or off-tasting water. Even if you have more stars – whether Michelin or TripAdvisor – than a walk of fame, if you’re water is bad, your customers may never know how good your food is.


Water filters and filtration/purification systems aren’t just about improving water taste and appearance, though. They can also add to a restaurant’s bottom line.  But a water filtration system isn’t a one and done investment. It expects you to put some effort into the relationship by regularly changing filters. And before you think you can save a few pennies by stretching the life of a water filter beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation, consider what you’ll gain by changing filters regularly and keeping filtration/purification systems in good operating condition.


Better sanitation

Water that smells or tastes like chlorine is one thing, but water that carries a sulfur odor is enough to push customers out the door. Various chemicals, minerals, bacteria and contaminants are what give water a smell or taste. Most of these contaminants aren’t harmful in minimal amounts, but the 20-teens decade is all about customer experience. Why spend 10 minutes fashioning a craft cocktail when you aren’t using crystal clear ice or purified water?  The bad cancels out the fantastic.


The entire commercial kitchen cast of character loves filtered water

From your ice machine to your coffee makers, everything in your kitchen that uses water prefers filtered water. First of all, you’re extending the life of every item if you use filtered water. Less mineral buildup means equipment lasts longer. You’ll also get increased output of products like ice and coffee. And optimized equipment uses less electricity. All of these costs savings balance the cost of a water filtration/purification system. Having the best coffee in town is just a bonus.


A quick side note – connecting your ice machine to a poor quality/unfiltered water supply voids the warranty on most brands.  24/7 Restaurant Parts can help you determine if your ice machine is operating within warranty.


The mysterious world of filters and filtration systems

If you inherited a water filtration system you might not completely understand how it operates. There are several types of filters and four times as many filtration systems.


In general, most water filters need to be replaced every six months. But you may also need a new filter if:


  • You notice a significant drop in water pressure
  • Your water tastes or smells funny
  • Scale (mineral deposits) starts to build up in equipment



Rather than spend hours searching for the exact YouTube video that explains it all to you, give US a call and we’ll break it down for you faster than MC Hammer in U Can’t Touch This.  Our parts specialists won’t show up in parachute pants, but they’ll clear things up for you so fast that you might say they’re 2 Legit 2 Quit