Not afraid to jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon

Not afraid to jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon


We hit a seasonal milestone – spring – and that means you’re going to see or hear  “spring cleaning” in every ad and publication in the U.S. At 24/7 Restaurant Parts we pride ourselves on being unique when it comes to customer service, but cleanliness plays a major role in restaurant operations and maintenance. We’d be remiss if we didn’t offer our own spin on spring cleaning.


Love is in the air

Bug love, that is. After a winter of hunkering down in your nooks and crannies, insect pests are ready to get busy, if you know what I mean. Even if you boast the cleanest kitchen on your block, make time to unpack and wipe down shelves. Not only will that disrupt the insect version of the “The Bachelor,” it will also remove any tiny eggs already laid. Most insect eggs are incredibly small and usually look like dust or foodstuff residue. So that tiny spot of what looks like flour definitely should be wiped away.


Bonus tip: Many insects have survived whatever killed the dinosaurs. Eggs can survive being removed from your shelves and hatch before being put through the wash cycle. Put cloths used to wipe surfaces in plastic bags and seal before adding them to your laundry bag, especially if laundry pick up isn’t immediate.


Annual pro cleaning

Even if you’re performing periodic deep-cleaning, “spring”-ing (like what I did there?) for annual professional cleaning is always a good idea for hoods, air conditioning units and pilot lights on gas equipment. Since you’re scheduling maintenance visits, you might as well throw in the checks on fire extinguishers and fire suppression equipment and restocking your first aid kit.

What is that?

It requires a bit of muscle, but moving heavy equipment and scrubbing surfaces (walls and floors) that usually don’t see daylight is a smart idea. Depending on your winter season, it’s not uncommon for mold to grow. Among less common items found when food service industry owners took this extra step during spring cleaning are a rat’s nest that included two marbles (but no rats), a pair of women’s panties, 16 credit cards, a man’s belt (different business than where the panties were found) and what was officially identified as cat feces. Officially? The owner paid to have the offending material – as well as all kitchen employees – DNA tested. Not kidding.


Keeping commercial kitchen equipment cleaned and maintained reduces repair and replacement costs. As you’re moving through spring cleaning, remember that we are here to help with annual maintenance or worst case scenario situations.