Groen Overview

At Unified, our passion is providing the best foodservice equipment solutions to our customers — solutions inspired by your own passion for preparing and serving truly world-class food. Nowhere does that commitment to culinary excellence shine through more than in our acclaimed Groen line of braising pans, steam kettles, steamers and combi-ovens. With a focus on increased efficiency, food safety and optimum quality, every Groen product is engineered to simplify and streamline preparation for any size operation.

Whether it’s space restrictions, product aesthetics or simple cleanability that drives your commercial cooking equipment needs, Groen offers a comprehensive selection of well-built, cost-effective designs — each one carefully crafted from industrial-grade materials like corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. Developed with chefs and kitchen staff in mind, Groen products feature precision controls, advanced ergonomics and a variety of available power sources and mounting configurations.

From our versatile assortment of steam jacketed kettles and braising pans to our high-quality lineup of steamers and filtration systems, Groen sets a new standard for control, efficiency and performance in today’s high-intensity commercial kitchens. Combined with our full line of CapKold® cook-chill production systems, Groen gives you the power to safely and efficiently prep, cook and preserve food at every stage of the process.

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