CMA Dish Machines 03624.00 1/2 VACUUM BREAKER

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In the early 1970’s, “CMA Dishmachines” began actively pioneering its’concepts in full service “Low Energy” Glass and Warewashing equipment.
In the beginning, CMA designed and manufactured dishwashers under thetrademark name of “Energy Mizer”,which provided “Full Service Warewashing” to the foodservice industry

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Fits Models:  CMA-180, CMA-180 TS, CMA-180TC, CMA-180UC, CMA-180VL, CMA-181GW, CMA-44 High Temp, CMA-44 Low Temp, CMA-66 High Temp, CMA-66 Low Temp, EST, EST Tall, EST-44 L-R, EST-44 R-L, EST-66 L-R, EST-66 R-L, EST-AH, EVA, GL-X, GLC, GW-100, GWX-200, L-1X, L-1X16, L1-C, LIL MIZER, PKC24, VA

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