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Star CONT SPEED 500 OHM W/O SW SP-118042

Star CONT SPEED 500 OHM W/O SW SP-118042

SKU SP-118042
Category: Star
Tags: OEM Restaurant Part|Star
Fits Models: B710H, DT14, DT14-M, DT14-PS, DT14-TH, DT14SH, HPD1ARB, Q3-95ARB, QCS-1-350, QCS-1-500B, QCS-3-950HB, QCS3-1600B, QCS3-950HA, RCS-2-600, RCS-3-1000, RCS-3-1300, RCS-3-950, S710, S714, SDW2NC, Star Wells Sale, T710, T714, TBH14, TH14, TT1200, TT1200-S, TT900H, TT960, TX710, TX714
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