Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Parts

Regardless of the kind of equipment you make use of in your restaurant, it has to be kept fully functional and ready for use whenever the restaurant is open for business. If your kitchen equipment isn’t working, or if it’s not performing optimally, you simply won’t be able to support the business of feeding hungry clientele at the rate you normally would.

This being the case, it makes good sense to have a program of equipment maintenance in place, rather than waiting until disaster actually strikes and disables some key restaurant parts. Here are some tips on how to go about that:

  • Read and understand the owner’s manual for the more sophisticated equipment with moving parts and controls. This is especially important with expensive equipment like stoves and refrigeration units, because they are critical to food storage and preparation.
  • Inspect all equipment routinely, and perform appropriate maintenance or make fixes where necessary. Replacing broken parts in a timely manner can help you avoid more costly replacements for major pieces of equipment, and it can extend the lifetime of the equipment in the meantime.
  • Keep equipment clean by washing at the end of every shift, and wiping it down to prevent rust. Clean equipment doesn’t allow the kind of damage that might result when debris collects on surfaces and degrades.
  • Make sure your staff is well trained in how to care for all restaurant parts and equipment, and that they actually perform the necessary maintenance conscientiously.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring in some expert help when something looks seriously wrong. Business-critical equipment should not be subject to the kind of do-it-yourself guesswork which people might do in their own homes. Even if you think you know what’s wrong, it is usually best to leave repairs of complex equipment to the pros to be sure any work is done right, and the part is ready for work when it will be needed.