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Turbochef HAZ - CLEANER, OVEN, CASE OF 6 103180CS

Turbochef HAZ - CLEANER, OVEN, CASE OF 6 103180CS

SKU 103180CS
Category: TurboChef
Tags: cleaner|DUNKIN DONUTS|maintenance|OEM Restaurant Part|subway|Turbochef
Turbochef's control system precisely coordinates impinged air and radiant heat (which evenly browns the outside of food) with microwave energy (which evenly cooks the inside) to rapidly cook food without compromising quality. An integral catalytic converter allows for UL® - certified ventless operation.
Tornado 2 interior
  1. Blower Motor
  2. Impingement Heater
  3. Impinged Air
  4. Bottom Browning Element
  5. Microwave Bursts
  6. Catalytic Converter
Fits Models: HHB, HHC-2020, NGC, NGC-2019, NGC2, Top 25
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