Who’s at the top of your speed dial list?

Who’s at the top of your speed dial list?


Mother Nature has not been kind to the food service industry lately. Sub-zero temperatures, freezing, thawing and flooding have caused frozen pipes, sewer back-ups and forced closures. Lost time, revenue and staff (“I’m not going out in this weather!”) are at the top of restaurant owners’ and managers’ headache list.


Plenty of service technicians have been in the thick of the weather drama and their 24/7 service availability means they’ve traveled through enough snow to last a lifetime. We’re happy to be your go-to guys when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment parts and a resource for your business. As much as we’d like to solve all your problems, there are a few things that belong outside our realm. That’s why we’d like to suggest that you keep your plumber on speed dial.


To save you time and money, here are the top things that are a plumber’s specialties:


Drain and sewer clogs

Employees aren’t always kind to commercial kitchen drains. When it comes down to it (according to an unnamed plumbing source), neither are rodents and big insects. The list of what plumbers find in drains and sewer lines would give you nightmares. If you have a clog, don’t wait until you have a sink full of murky water that won’t budge. Call a plumber.


Toilet clogs

Few people like to discuss toilet clogs. Even fewer like to deal with them. That’s why plumbers are heroes. Be considerate. If your toilet clog can’t be handled with a plunger, call a plumber before the situation gets worse. If you’d like to reduce future clogs, make sure you have commercial grade toilets installed in your restrooms.


Speaking of toilets…

If you’ve been jiggling the handle of a toilet, there’s no handle at all or more than one flush is required to, um, clear the bowl, you’re losing time and probably money.  Toilet parts wear out quickly when they are used frequently and/or if your business has hard water. “Maintenance instead of repair” is something we frequently preach at 24/7 and it’s also true for commercial plumbing.


Leaks, seen and unseen

Faucets leak, right? Sure they do, but, get this: they’re not supposed to! One leaky faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water. Water you’re paying for but not getting the benefit of. And then there are those silent leaks that could be occurring in a pipe behind a wall and are creating black mold. If you see a spike in your water bill, it’s a lot cheaper to have call a plumber than to tear down a wall and remediate mold (required by your local health department).


Most commercial kitchen horror stories end one of two ways. The issue was discovered and fixed and life went on or the issue wasn’t addressed and excessive damage led to a closure – by the health department or the building inspector or because of extensive loss of use. Use your secret weapon – keeping your plumber (and 24/7 Restaurant Parts) on speed dial – and survive to tell your horror story.